15 Oct

3 Great Battery Operated Heated Socks

Mobile Warming 3.7V

heated socks with remote

These heated socks from Mobile Warming are what I would describe as a middle ground product. They’re not quite as high quality or expensive as the socks from Lenz or Therm-ic, but they’re better quality and more expensive than the cheaper products on the market.

Because of that, a lot of people is interested in these battery heated socks. They’re decent enough to wear in pretty cold conditions but won’t break the bank.

One feature that you’re going to like is that the heat can be controlled by a remote control. This makes life easier and means you can change heat with gloves on, which might be an issue when trying to change heat through your smartphone.

Also this product is made from stretch fabrics. Because of this, these socks are perfect for anyone that expects to move around quite a bit.

Furthermore this sock gives you 11 hours of heat on the lowest heat setting and does a good job keeping your feet dry. Not bad for a sock that costs under $100.

Hotronic XLP One


Hotronic is known for their heated insoles and ski boot heaters and their XLP One lives up to the high standard Hotronic has set for themselves as a company.

This is another sock people looking for the very best should consider.

One thing you’ll like is this sock comes with four heat settings, which is one more than most socks. This just gives you more control over the warmth you get and your overall comfort.

On the highest heat setting, you get a whopping 156 degrees of heat. That’s more than enough to keep your toes toasty in the coldest weather possible.

Besides that, this sock is made from wool and this will keep your feet warm even when the heater is turned off.

You won’t have to worry about the battery dying either. This sock gives you 13 hours of warmth on the lowest setting.

This is another sock that’s expensive though and you can expect to pay over two hundred dollars to wear it. You get what you pay for in life and in this case you’re paying for quality.



Next up we have a much more affordable sock for people on a budget. This Flambeau product costs 125 dollars.

Do I think it’s on the same level as the Lenz socks? No, but it’s well-made and it still will make a lot of people happy.

This company is most known for their fishing and hunting gear and this sock excels with aficionados of both those hobbies.

It comes with multiple heat settings, from high to low. On the lowest setting you get up to 8 hours of heat, which would make any hunter or fisherman pretty happy.

This sock comes with carbon fiber heating elements and this means the sock eats up very quickly. Also it means the heating elements are quite durable.

Overall this is a pretty decent product. It won’t blow you away but in the right situations it’s quite effective.

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