16 Oct

Cheap Battery Heated Socks

ActionHeat AA Battery Heated Socks


They reach a maximum temperature of 130F and can last up to 4 hours. They are powered by three AA batteries that you need to insert into each power pack.

Heating panels are placed on the top of the toes and they use ultra-fine fibers to provide great heating performance.

Terramar Battery Heated Socks


These are powered by 1 9V battery per sock. It’s made of fabric that provides warmth, even without the heat.

The heating element is placed in an enclosed area in the bottom of the toe area in the sock. The heating element is padded and will warm your feet warm without any discomfort.

The wires do not produce any heat and they run down the length of the inside of the sock.

You’ll get about 4-5 hours of heat. If you use rechargeable batteries, you’ll receive about 2-3 hours of heat.

Nordic Gear Lectra Sox


Snap on/off control for easy operation. They are safe to use even when wet. They provide heat in toe area.

Each sock requires 1 “D” battery which provides 6-8 hours of warmth. Battery pouch allows easy heat control.

Comfortable cushioning in the sole of the sox will make these one of the most favorite socks you own. Made with high-tech fiber for maximum moisture wicking.

Ideas In Motion Battery Operated Heated Socks


One thing everybody knows about me in the office is I’m always cold. That’s why I love all these heated products. Cold days are here and these are great for all sorts of different activities.

Whether you’re shoveling snow or you’re taking the kids sledding, these are gonna keep your toes nice and toasty.

The one thing I do want to mention is that they don’t get hot or uncomfortable at all. It’s just a really nice warm feeling.

They’re so easy to use. You get this external battery pack. It takes three double A batteries. You just place it inside the pouch and you’re ready to go.

You’ll notice that the cord goes all along the side of the sock. That’s not warming it up, it’s just the cord. The actual heating part is in the toe so you really do get toasty toes. Right where you need to heat the most.

I did a test. The socks were off and I gave a reading with the heat gun to see how hot they are. It’s about 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I did flick it on and gave it just a few seconds. These really do heat up pretty quickly. The next reading showed 93 degrees. That’s over a 10 degree jump in just a few seconds.

This is a great sock. I mean not only does it heat up but it’s super elastic and super comfortable.

Again it’s not gonna get so hot that it’s going to burn your toes. It’s just gonna make them very nice and comfortable.

I do want to point out that the a full battery will last about five hours but you’re not gonna want to keep it on all the time. You want to just flip it on and off as needed.

Another nice thing about the battery pack is that you can bring some spare batteries with you so you’re gonna be out sledding all day. Just bring a couple extra spare batteries and you’re good to go all day long.

These are washable. You just unplug the battery pack and then you want to hand wash them and hand dry.

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