11 Oct

Lenz Bluetooth Heated Socks Review

Lenz Bluetooth heated socks are one of the best on the market. They are known for the high-end design and amazing battery life. In this review I will talk about their top three models. You can buy them here.

The Lenz Heat Socks 1.0

Bluetooth heated socks Lenz 1.0

This product has a feature you only see on a handful of battery heated socks: it can be connected and controlled by your smartphone through Bluetooth technology.

This feature makes life much easier and is especially handy for skiers or any person with a lot of gear on. Instead of pulling your boots off to access the battery, you can just take out your phone and change the heat to one of the three heat settings: high, medium or low.

Another aspect that you’ll like is you’ll get 14 hours of continuous heat on the lowest setting. Most people aren’t in the cold for that long and should be more than enough to keep you warm no matter what you’re doing.

Also the Lenz 1.0 is machine washable. A lot of heated socks need to be hand washed but that’s not the case here. This is just another feature that makes this sock very convenient.

It’s important to point out that the sock is very expensive though and is one of the most expensive on the market. How much will it cost? Around three hundred dollars.

Do I think every person needs this sock? Not really. If you only expect to be in the cold every once in a while, you can buy one of the cheaper pairs. If you want the very best and expect to be in very cold situations, you’ll want to consider the Lenz 1.0. You’ll have a hard time finding a better product for your feet.

The Lenz Heated Socks 3.0

lenz heated socks 3.0

The 3.0s have a lot in common with the 1.0s and that’s include the ability to control from your smartphone. In fact all Lenz gear can be controlled from the Lenz app on your phone.

If you’re someone that expects to move around and be mobile, this heated sock will work especially well for you. It’s ergonomically designed and ensures your feet are comfortable all day long.

In addition to that, this product comes with three different heat settings. On the lowest heat setting you
get up to 14 hours of run time. This should be good for any outdoor enthusiast.

Another aspect you will like is that this sock wicks away moisture, leaving your feet dry. This ensures maximum comfort and reduces the odds of blisters developing.

Lenz gear always costs more though and that’s the case with these. They’ll cost nearly three hundred dollars. If you want the best of the best though look no further.

The Lenz Heat Sock 5.0

lenz heated socks 5.0

The 5.0 is basically the same as the 1.0 and 3.0 and is just another high-quality heated sock for you to choose from.

This sock has all the typical Lenz features like smart phone connectivity, long battery life and high quality materials.

Their main feature is fully heated toe cap, top and bottom.

It also has Lenz’s high price tag and it is going to cost $360.


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