12 Oct

Therm-ic Heated Socks Review

Therm-ic heated socks are designed for intensive use when the temperature is cold or extreme. They are made with breathable, soft and warm materials that provide excellent insulation against the cold. Thanks to X-socks technology, these electric socks circulate heat throughout your foot.

Therm-ic 1400


Therm-ic’s PowerSock 1400 is battery heated sock that all people facing cold conditions will want to consider.

This is especially true if you’re a skier or someone that hikes or mountain climbs. This sock was made to move.

One feature you’re going to love is that this product can sync up and be run from your smartphone, much like the Lenz socks. This makes life much easier and lets you change the heat with ease.

Another aspect that makes this sock worth it is you get a whopping 16 hours of heat on the lowest setting. That’s one of the best run times you can find.

Also the PowerSock 1400 has reinforcements throughout the sock to make sure it lasts for years. This is important because this sock is very expensive and will cost over $300. When you pay that much for a sock you don’t want them to rip or wear out quickly.

Therm-ic 700


The 700 sock is a lot like the 1400 PowerSocks. The main difference is the 1400 can hold a charge for about 16 hours and the 700 can hold it for about 8 hours.

Most people aren’t in the cold for more than eight hours in a row so the lesser run time shouldn’t be that big of a deal.

This is also a sock that has the ability to be controlled through your smartphone so when you want to turn the heat up or down all you have to do is take out your phone and make the change.

Additionally this product is another that does well with mobility because of the stretch fabrics and it keeps your feet dry.

In terms of price the700 is also expensive and will cost around $260. This shouldn’t be too much of a surprise though considering all that comes with this sock.

Therm-ic 1200


PowerSock 1200 is priced at $300. That’s for a pair of socks, the batteries and the charger.

The sock itself is a good quality ski sock. They’re handed left and right so they shape to your feet like most technical socks these days. They are available in 5 different sizes.

You get two batteries and the charger which you can plug into a USB port. To charge them, plug into a computer and leave overnight.

Once the batteries are fully charged, to turn them on, you hold a switch. It will fully illuminate and then intermittently flush. That’s setting one. Press it again, double flush, setting two. Press it a third time and it stays on and that means it’s on settings three.

When it’s on setting three, after around five to ten seconds it will switch off and then you’ll get an intermittent flash but fairly slow. That means it’s now in a locked position so it’s still saving energy but it is still on position three.

If you wanna then go back to position one, press it twice and then you get the flush, it’s number one again. To switch off, press and hold and it goes off.

Once it’s charged and you want to use it in the sock, it slides into an area at the top of the sock. It’s well above the height of the ski boot. Inside we have two connectors to attach it to.

Once it’s on, you will feel the warmth coming down the leg. You don’t feel it on the leg itself but the warmth comes down under the foot. It’s designed to warm the forefoot area and if you can keep your forefoot warm, the rest of the foot will be warm and you’ll be nice and warm all day.

On setting one, heat will last between 12 and 14 hours. On position two, between five and a half and seven and a half hours and on position three, it stays three and three-quarters to four and a quarter hours.

When you boost up to number 3, your foot will get warm fairly quickly and then you can go back down to number two or number one.

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