22 Oct

Warmest Socks Ever – Super Warm Socks For Winter

These Socks Are Called The Warmest Socks Ever and The Warmest Socks in The World!

They are seven times warmer than a traditional cotton sock!

warmest socks ever

They are thermal insulated socks and both men and women can wear them. And children too.

There are no socks like these. They truly provide extra warmth that other socks that you use, be it wool or cotton, are not able to provide.

Heat Holders just look so cozy on your feet.

super warm socks

These will keep your feet warm, even in extreme winter cold.

The inside of them is like a hug. Let me show you what warm sock looks like:

warmest socks in the world

This is what’s going to be against your feet. It’s like putting alpaca on your foot.

It took them two years to invent the warmest socks ever.

They even did the studies about these socks. That’s how passionate they are about them.

They did research and testing to be able to make the claim that they are seven times warmer than a traditional cotton sock.

In the the first study, they tested a TOG rating (TOG means Thermal Overall Grade, it’s the ability to keep your feet warm) and their rating came back at 2.3.

It may not sound like much, but the average thermal sock has 1.5 TOG rating. The basic cotton sock comes in at a 0.3.

So Heat Holder are seven times warmer than the basic cotton sock.

They did another study and they put these up against twenty other thermal socks and again Heat Holders came back with the highest TOG rating, meaning you’ll be the warmest your feet can be in Heat Holders.

These look completely different than anything that you’ve ever seen. A wonderful thermal lining that is all about trapping air. That’s what gives you this insulation factor to keep your feet seven times warmer.

best socks for cold feet

Let me explain why.

What they’ve done is they’ve taken an advanced insulating yarn that’s much like in a cashmere acrylic. It’s really soft and has superior wicking and superior insulation.

They also use an innovative knitting technology that produces this long loop thermal piles. This is what makes it so fluffy and warm.

Not only does it make it fluffy and feel good, but it traps all of the hot air in, keeping it in your sock, keeping it next to your feet.

They have also brushed the inside of the socks and that is what makes them so cushioned.

You should also know that they’re non-binding at the top so they’re not going to be too tight, it’s not like a rubber band.

I really love that they don’t fall down. If you wear a pair of socks that fall down all the time, they’ll make you crazy, especially if you wear tall boots.

Here’s the inside of the sock. This is what’s up against your skin:

extra warm socks

No one else manufacture socks the way they do. You get something that doesn’t make your foot perspire. The whole idea is to trap the air that’s in the sock and that becomes a natural insulator.

Think about this. How would you like your feet to be seven times warmer than they would normally be if you just wear regular cotton socks.

Your feet are not gonna be sweaty; they’re nice, breathable and non-binding.

I just also want to mention that these wash really great. You can lay them flat to dry or you can hang them to dry.

Again, just look how cozy they are.

best socks to keep feet warm

And so cushioned because they brush the inner that gives you that cushioning. You have that long loop thermal pile that provides you with extra warmth and then the advanced knitting technology that is super wicking.

I mean this is what warm socks truly look like!

So you get toasty feet but how cute are they gonna look. There are so many fun colors.

Men colors: black, navy, stonewash, white, denim, burgundy, earth brown and red.

men socks for winter

Women colors: black, purple, charcoal, pink, white, deep fuchsia, wine, raspberry and ruby.

women socks for winter

About the Sizing

For women’s shoe size:

  • 5 to 9, you’re gonna choose medium
  • 8 to 13, choose large
  • 13 to 15, you’re going to choose an extra-large

For men’s shoe size:

  • 4 to 8, you’re going to choose medium
  • 7 to 12, choose large
  • 12 to 14, you are an extra-large

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I know you hate to read this, but cold days are here.

It’s that time of year where you’re gonna want to keep your feet warm. You’re shoveling snow, you’re putting up your Christmas decorations, you’re still raking leaves, walking your dog.

How about these as a gift for yourself every day. But how about people in your life that you need to get a gift for this time of year.


Great thing is that they do not add bulk to your boots or shoes. You will be able fit them in your shoes easily.

Another advantage is that they not only keep your feet warm but they don’t make them sweat as well. That’s crucial because you don’t want your feet feeling wet and uncomfortable all day.

I wear them in place of my slippers. They are also great if you wear duck boots or big rain boots. Those boots are great but have no insulation. They are freezing cold. These socks would be great inside of those.

Besides these Heat Holders Original Socks, they also have LITE and ULTRA LITE models.

LITE thermal socks have a medium thick profile and are perfect for wearing in casual shoes and boots! They have 1.60 TOG rating. So, they are over four times warmer than a basic cotton sock!

lite socks

ULTRA LITE has a lightweight profile and are perfect for wearing in tighter fitting shoes! Their TOG rating is is 1.04. So they are over three times warmer than a basic cotton sock!

ultra lite socks

See these two models here.

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